A shoot'em up where you can collect monsters



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SkyChamp is a traditional-style SHMUP where you play a monster who can fly and has to destroy all the enemies that appear onscreen. Your objective: to make it to the final boss in each level and beat all of them.

The controls in SkyChamp are simple and very well adapted to touch devices. Just slide your finger around the screen to move your monster, who will be shooting nonstop. This is how you've got to dodge all enemy attacks while simultaneously killing all your adversaries.

One of the things that makes SkyChamp different from other titles in the same genre is that you can collect a whole bunch of different flying monsters. Almost like in Pokemon, you go around recruiting and evolving creatures that you can later control.

SkyChamp is an excellent SHMUP with splendid graphics and a frenetic and addictive gameplay. Plus the game has an enormous number of monsters you can play, and even boasts some RPG-like features, such as the ability to use different weapons and varied equipment.
SkyChamp is a great Pokémon-inspired SHMUP

To think about shoot 'em up games is to think about pain. About hundreds of projectiles zooming toward your ship and taking you inexorably nearer the Game Over screen. Fans of the genre end up developing some truly stunning reflexes – particularly for games built on a vertical screen. But people less adept in the art of the dodge are in luck with SkyChampa frenetic but much lighter shmup inspired by an unconventional source for games of this style: Pokémon.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

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